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Our Story

Welcome to Atatū. We're  trusted partners in digital marketing and optimization. But we're not just an agency; we're real people that have spent time in the trenches building our business and understand  the wide range of complexities that go into a successful business. We're also a husband and wife team with 5 kids! our oldest Tay is now 19 and has recently joined the family business to provide support with the everchanging landscape of social media channels like tik tok and instagram. 

From manufacturing, branding, logistics and marketing, we cover a wide range of expertise. We're a small team that leverage's system's and automation to get more done with less.

We're seasoned business builders with a track record of launching and scaling successful ecommerce businesses into the 6 and 7 figure range. In fact we still run several ecommerce businesses and leverage this hand's on experience with our clients.

Founded by Kat and Dave

Our journey began with exclusive NZ distribution rights for Vari.com standing desks. In 6 months we had hit $1million in online sales through our skills in organic seo combined with stellar customer service.

We then automated systems and outsourced our warehousing to a 3PL to reach $3million yearly sales with a very small team.

Sale of our party supplies business

To double down on our most successful projects we sold our party supply business Eventfull® that sold a range of fun things like confetti cannons, lantnerns and led lights. 

This 6 figure business was a lot of fun from sourcing products in China to branding and selling them online. Margins were consistently over 70% gross profit.

Launch of luxury outdoor furniture range

We developed a range of luxury floating beanbags that we sold globally to fancy hotels and discerning pool owners. Originally made in China we brought manufacturing back to NZ and upgraded materials and construction.

Brand highlights include a feature in the NZ herald that generated over $40k in sales within 24hours, you can see the feature here The photoshoot's and product testing were also a lot of fun. 

We built this business up to mid 6 figures then sold to a group in Canada to free up a bit more time for the growing family 

Foray into Coworking

We setup a coworking space in our town (Papamoa, Tauranga) to connect other business owners and entrepreneurs. 

Whilst not our biggest moneymaking venture to date it was a privilege to see connections happening and we have great friends to this day from our time running the shared space.

Covid & Consulting

We started to get people asking us for assistance with their online businesses which lead to us starting to offer marketing consulting & implementation.

Our early venture Vari was winding down naturally in NZ due to increases in import costs and market saturation so we took this opportunity to help others along their path.

A change of scenery, Lake Taupō

With 5 kids and no parents in Tauranga we were missing the family so we made the bold move to relocate to Taupō to be closer to Kat's parents.

We've now set up a new coworking space to connect the local business community called Innovate Central and have continued to help business grow their sales and revenue whilst also working on some e-commerce projects of our own
lake taupo
If you're a business owner with an established business or are looking to start something new feel free to reach out, we'd love to hear from you. 

Kind regards

Kat, Dave & Tay
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